The small print

Our policies

We take up to 3 hours for most full grooms, we belive that dogs should not be rushed throughout their pamper and take the time to allow rests & toilet breaks. We always allow every dog to become familiar with their surroundings & socialise before their groom. This makes our four legged clients happy, relaxed and builds a great relationship, promoting confidence and trust.

Senior & Junior Stylists

Our dogs are groomed by Senior and Junior Stylists,  Our senior stylists are experience and qualified and our Junior stylists are newly qualified or working towards the end of their qualifications. All Juniors are overlooked and working alongside our seniors to ensure the highest standard of grooms. If you have a preference please specify when booking.

Trainee Stylist

Our new trainees require models, these will be styled alongside a tutor and finished by the tutor the qualifty is as though a senior stylist has groomed although may take slightly longer in time. Trainee models receive 50% off.

Animal Welfare Act

In our salon we teach and abide strictly to the animal welfare act, we care for all and want to ensure that all dogs are happy and healthy. We will automatically carry out a 6 point health check free of charge, which includes eyes, ears, mouth/teeth, coat & skin and santiary areas & movement. We are not vets but can alert you to abnormalities for your own action. 

The 5 needs 

Need for Suitable Environment - We ensure that all dogs are safe in our salon, by carefully monitoring the free roaming and parking dogs when necessary for theirs and our safety. If your dog does not mix well or is nervous of other dogs please inform us on arrival. We provide clean bedding for all our parked or waiting four legged clients. 

Need for a suitable diet -  we do not feed in our salon unless authorised by yourselves, we do however provide fresh water in all of our areas.

The Need to exhibit normal behaviour - In our salon dogs have free roam of our back wash room, conservatory and secure dog friendly garden. We provide toys, bedding and fresh water. We use the kindest mildest restraints when grooming for their safety.

The need to be protected from pain, suffering, Injury and Disease - We take cleanliness very seriously and steralise all equipment and areas between dogs to prevent the spead or bacteria or disease. We seperate any dog with fleas and treat all areas after. We are pet first aid trained and will always call you immediately if we felt your dog was unwell.

Matting Policy

We will not dematt any dog for more than 20 minutes, if your dogs coat is severley matted we will ask you to sign a matting policy agreeing for us to clip off areas that are too matted. How short we have to go will depend on how tight the matts are to the dogs skin. We will advise on this at reception.


We would ask you politely to let us know if you are unable to attend your appointment,as early as you can, this will enable us to book someone else in your place. We do send out automatic reminders if you opt in for them.

Late arrival

Should you be running late for your appointment, please call and let us know, we can usually accomodate you up to 40 minutes late. Any later and we may have to rearrange. If you are late to collect, do not worry, we will happily let your dog play and chill in our safe environment until you get here.


We welcome all behaviours, are are specially trained in anxious or nervous, aggressive behaviour on small to medium dogs only, please advise us if you feel your dog will benefit from a quiet salon and we will book you in at the end of the day. Extra charges may occur depending on how long it takes and if two groomers are necessary.

Thank you from the Woodland Paws Team x